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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Hello on this rainy Saturday,

here's a short and informative post for you about all the classes I'm teaching during this 2020 summer:

Vienna Heels Weekly Classes

every Monday

These classes are being taught in rotation by Valerie, Julia & Sarah, Teresa et moi and it's a unique experience every single time! It's my turn this upcoming Monday 20th of July and I'll teach another time in August.

  1. 7pm Heels Essentials (60min) *beginner friendly

  2. 8pm Heels Choreography (90min)

Location: Jam Music Lab, Gasometer B

Worth: 12€/Essentials ; 15€/Choreography, 25€/Day Pass

REGISTRATION every week via www.viennaheels.com


Urban Widgets Summer Classes

every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

These classes are also taught in rotation and are all about quality training. 10 spots only!

On the following dates it will be my turn to teach:

  1. 22.7. 7pm Foundation Class (90min)

  2. 12.8. 5:30pm Adv Choreography (90min)

  3. 21.8. 5:30pm Adv Choreography (90min)

Location: Schwarzspanierstraße 14, 1090 Vienna

Worth: 17€/single class

REGISTRATION urbanwidgets@gmail.com


If you're interested in working on dance as a career I especially recommend you to take these classes, specifically their Company Class on Saturday.

Empire Dance

every Saturday

A class that should be in your calendar every weekend. Stretching is an essential part of a dancer's training and on top of that boosts your overall wellbeing as a human.

12:30pm SPLITS and relaxation (60 min)

Location: Empire Dance, Hernalser Hauptstraße 21, 1170 Vienna

Worth: 7€ / class


Private Classes

specifically designed for you

Last but not least, you can always book Private Classes directly with me sending an e-mail to brinidad@gmail.com.

I offer Heels or Street Jazz related privates online via facetime, skype, zoom or whatever works for you. If you live in Vienna, we would meet up in person. My privates always start with a mentoring and guidance talk about what you personally want to work on, so that I can design a program that works only and specifically for YOU!


in person

90€ / single private 90min

240€ / 3 privates package

380€ / 5 privates package


60€ / single private 90min

150€ / 3 privates package

230€ / 5 privates package

That would be it for now loves, in case more classes that I will teach pop up, they'll be added to this minimag post and I'll always inform you via my IG stories.

All the love & take care,


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