NASTY - The Tutorial

Ok, ok, ok! I did it, my first ever online tutorial to the song Nasty by Janet Jackson is ready for grabs!

Doing this all by myself without proper gear and assistance was a challenge I have to say, but I'm a doer and I make things happen! This quarantine is making me become it all, from choreographer and teacher to video creator and editor. Since this was my first take on a tutorial I'm only going to charge 9€ for it. I tried my best to make you feel as if you were taking a brinidad choreo class with me.

Enough said, here's how to get it:

1) Sign up and subscribe with your details HERE

2) Transfer the money either via paypal to, or directly to my bank account. The details will be in the email you'll receive once you signed up for the tutorial.

3) Send a payment confirmation to

4) When I received your confirmation, I'll send you the download link for the tutorial and your personal invoice.

... and that's it! <3

Downloading will definitely take a while, as the full tutorial is quite long, 27 minutes to be exact. So be patient and if for some reason it doesn't work, send me an email and we will figure it out.

Have fun dancing at home, stay safe and all the best,


#brinidadchoreography #Heels103 #NASTY

watch the original brinidad choreography video on IGTV

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