The MEANT TO BE face filter

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Good Evening to you all, maybe even night.. it’s kinda late I just realized 😅 but I got excited about the Meant to be face filter I created and thought I’d also share some insight about the song created by @luxlevin et moi with you.

It all started in May last year (yes it took over a year to produce and get it out)... but originally we didn’t plan on creating a song that would be released but at a certain point we realized it would be sad not to. I wanted to make an uplifting 70ies / 80ies inspired disco song and I believe that this is what “Meant to be” is. There’s always things to improve but if you keep holding on to things having to be ideal and exactly the way you wish them to be, you end up being the one holding yourself back. I have learned a lot from this project and for that only I’m endlessly grateful. Back to the face filter though 💪🏼 it’s up on my IG profile now and I would love to see your reactions when using it. 🤓 Tap the screen to start it and then wait until it stops. 😊

Have fun, have a good night, all the love,

Brini ✨


find the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music or purchase in iTunes or Amazon Music. Also available on TikTok and IG Music 💋


produced & cowritten @luxlevin

mixed & mastered @mixedbytricky