Updated: Apr 17, 2020

What's poppin, lockin and top rockin everyone? I got news for you.

Some of you might remember the BRINIDAD sweater in collaboration with local streetwear label VIS A VIS that was available until end of January, 2020 - and now the journey continues.

I'm pretty big on sustainability, so I tried to find a new way for you to get a BRINIDAD x VIS A VIS piece, et voilà: From now on you can go to the VIS A VIS store (Kirchengasse 27, 1070 Vienna) and have BRINIDAD printed on whatever garment you choose from your own closet. Maybe you have a shirt you don't wear anymore, but cutting it into a sassy crop-top and printing BRINIDAD on the sleeve(s) could make it your fav piece again. Basically you can choose where and how big you want the BRINIDAD print to be, the surface of the pant, hoodie, or whatever you choose, simply has to be even.

It's 10€ per print and with that you would support two local brands.

So get creative and visit Andrea in the store (opening hours at the moment: Wed - Fri 11am to 4pm) and personally I would love to see what you came up with when you post it into your IG stories (@brinidad).

All the love,


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