The word "KEXI"

If you don't know me yet you're probably asking yourself: What on Earth means KEXI? A cookie? And you're actually not completely wrong, .... but KEXI simply means CUTE, CONFIDENT & hella SEXY!

But when I'm completely honest with you, it's so much more than this. I started using this word in my HEELS 101 classes to describe not to overstep a certain line when it comes to dancing in high heels. Let's just face it --- a woman dancing sexy in a heel for most people is still reserved for strippers only --- but this is not what we're doing here. Heels are empowering in a way not even I can describe. "Keeping it kexi" slowly became my philosophy for life. To me it means to keep learning, keep working hard and smart, to keep shining, keep loving, keep giving and most of all to keep it real. I want to be an inspiration for others with the way I am and see life, and on that note simply:

“Keep it kexi.”

Much love,



#kexi #keepitkexi

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